If you suspect overdose, call for help.

Our partners are actively working in Hall County to provide solutions to our community’s alcohol and drug misuse problems.  We are a growing collaborative, working to build a better community by sharing information, resources, energy and ideas.  If you don’t see your question here, please
reach out so we can help you get the answers you need.

Center Point provides a great set of resources to help parents talk with their kids about alcohol and other drugs. 

3 steps to save a life opioid

Learn what you can do to save a life in the event of opioid overdose. 
Take our 3 Steps to Save A Life training.

Drinking more lately? Should you be worried?

Sales of alcoholic beverages spiked by 55% in one week of March 2020 compared to the same week the year before,...

Talk. They will listen.

With school and summer camp closings due to COVID-19, parents have more time with their children close by.  Most...

Operation Prevention has released an easy-to-follow learning module that contains valuable information geared towards adolescents, teens and young adults about the science behind addiction. Click the picture below to learn more!