EMPOWER YOURSELF:  Whether you know it or not, you are on the front lines in the fight to defeat the opioid epidemic in our community.  Of course there may be times when severe pain requires the use of opioids, but by educating yourself, asking questions and speaking up you can reduce the risk of addiction for yourself and your family.

If you doctor or dentist prescribes a medication, ask these questions:

  • Is this an opioid?
  • Is there a non-narcotic alternative?
  • At what pain level should I/family member take this medication?
  • Do I/family member need this many pills?
  • What should be done with remaining pills?
  • How can I/family member minimize the risk of addiction?
  • What are warning signs of addiction?
  • What do I do if I notice signs of addiction?


Centerpoint, a member of Drug Free Hall, has many resources for talking with your child about alcohol and other drugs.  From conversation starters to materials designed specifically for teens and young adults, visit the prevention page of the Centerpoint web site.


Accidental Drug Dealer

While you have opioids in your home, be sure to secure and count your medication. Family members or guests in your home may be addicted and will look for ways to access your pain medication. After you no longer need your pain meds,  dispose of them properly at a local Take Back location.  In Hall County, Georgia, you can take your unused prescription medicines to one of three locations: Hall County Sheriff’s office; Gainesville Police Department; and, CVS Pharmacy at 103 Jesse Jewell Pkwy SE, Gainesville.